We believe that by encouraging the intersection between technology, art and design we can help create innovative, effective, and sustainable solutions for social change. We support creative platforms that bring together artists and scientists, designers, architects, engineers and entrepreneurs in new forms of dialogue.


We are interested in novel ways that bring people closer to scientific knowledge, encouraging conversations and the ability to think differently. 


We never settle. We’re always on the search for unconventional methodologies that are changing the way we think about science communication. We build everyday new strategies that bridge the gap between the scientific community, the media and the public by facilitating interaction, playfulness and inquisitiveness.



President & International Affairs

Miruna is a science communicator, curator and the founder of Scientifica. 

She is driven by the possibilities of developing projects that challenge our perception of science and that reignite our curiosity and wonder, through the use of technology, visual communication and environmental design.


With a particular interest in the development of Science Centers, Miruna specialized in scientific museology with acknowledgments from EMA, European Museum Academy.


She has been part of multiple European projects for public engagement with science and education for development and is a long time advisor board of Science Foundation of Ireland. She has an M.A in Communication and a fellowship at the International School of Scientific Journalism.


Creative Director

As a designer working across different disciplines and media, Miruna has a M.E. in Mechanical Engineering and a M.A. in Museology & Exhibition Design. 


She has been living and working in Germany as a Concept Developer and Designer for Scenographic Productions in museums and exhibitions at TAMSCHICK MEDIA +SPACE, Berlin, and at ATELIER BRÜCKNER, Stuttgart for the Concept implementation and content management for The Archive Exhibition, King Abdulaziz Center of World Culture, Saudi Arabia. 


She is also the founder of Boundary Lab, a creative studio, experimenting with material and immaterial boundaries.


Development & Strategy

Marius has over 10 years experience in software development, both SME and enterprise environments, with various roles: developer, support, technical lead and project management. In the past 6 years has been involved, as part time collaborator, in teaching laboratories sessions at the UTCN. 


Starting with 2012 he has been active in local community projects like: editor for Today Software Magazine; start- up community events and technical hackathons where he served as both attendee, reporter, mentor and judge;


With a focus on alternative education he is involved in projects like Restart-Edu and Fondul Stiintescu. In the past 3 years he’s been in the management team of two successful local start-ups: Epistemio and OnyxBeacon.