Floriama Cândea



Floriama Cândea is a visual artist, working in Bucharest. Her works often make use of experimental artistic procedures to bring about renditions of image and object morphologies. She challenges the way memory, cognition, perception and taxonomy are set in motion as mechanisms in the subjective relation with the world.



< Floriama Cândea: Folds and Scaffolds - 2017, Alert Gallery Bucharest - installation view


Tudor Ciurescu



Tudor Ciurescu, b.1996, is an artist and student currently living & studying at ECAL, Lausanne, Switzerland. Main interest in recent works is in contemporary and tech culture. From memes to Bitcoin, all seen through an absurd and comic way.



< Tudor Ciurescu:  Infograph - 2017, Wall-Painting, Cryptocurrency Mining Rig


George Crîngașu



George Crîngașu lives and works between Rome, Italy and Cluj-Napoca, Romania. His practice focuses on data de/recontextualization, with work ranging from installation and video to print and painting. His interest in science stems from the way in which digital infrastructure could potentially enhance our understanding of the world we live in.



< George Crîngașu: Table Scraps - 2018, Digital Print, dimensions variable



13m10j / Marius Jurca



13m10j (Marius Jurca) is a new media artist based in Timișoara, România. His works explore human identity through interactive interfaces called Identity Patterns.

He is interested in randomness as a creative process, data visualization and the connections between art, science and technology.


< 13m10j: Identity Pattern 08102015 - 2015, app.



Livia Mateiaș



Livia Mateiaș is a visual artist, working in Timișoara, Romania. Her work is inspired by outer space and introspection. Using digital art, but also painting, installation and performance as forms of expression, Livia offers an insight of what she calls the Cosmotic Universe, which refers to the inner space as perceived by the artist.



< Livia Mateiaș: Contemplating Life, multimedia installation and performance 


Catrinel Săbăciag



Catrinel Săbăciag is a product designer/visual artist. Her work is the result of a process of material exploration, between art and design. The objects range from alternative clocks  and light installations to jewelry.

Time's passage & entropy are the starting point of her work, other scientific interests being the study of light quantum physics and nature's fragile balance.



< Catrinel Săbăciag: Mira Lamp, THISorder Collection, 2017, Jesmonite, Arduino, sensors, birchwood.