In December 2018, two Romanian artist visited Strate School of Design, Paris. They looked at what are the challenges of an experience designer; what questions is he asking, what is he looking at, what are the key skills of a designer, experience designer, mobility designer, interaction designer and what is the long-term vision of the Strate School of Design? 

Here is a sneak peek into our experience at Strate School of Design, one of the top design Schools in France and Europe.  Stay tuned for the final result!





Journey into the creative workshops at Strate School of Design, Paris. 
For two weeks we took part in 12 different workshops lead by experts outside Strate. 

Every year, a mix of new tools and new explorations are made available for students in order to broaden their skills and constant quest for knowing. This was the first part of our collaboration, entitled Robots in the city, one in which two Romanian artists were in residence, taking part in classes, workshop discussions and project showcases at the end of the year.


Scientifica in partnership with the Strate School of Design, Paris and Design Thinking Society, Bucharest organized a two days Masterclass on responsible design, robots design and their impact in society.


Robots in the city opens up a discussion about new technologies and responsible design and human centered design. Starting from 7 ethical dilemmas, participants designed possible patterns of interaction between man and robot. Through its ability to use new territories and to mediate the relationship between man and robot, the Robots in the city masterclass proposed an imaginative, creative, experimental process designed to anticipate scenarios of an automated world. The process was articulated around three dimensions: robots, actors' ecosystems and action territories.

Event facilitated by Strate School of Design and Design Thinking Society.

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This French-Romanian intercultural exchange is made possible by Strate School of Design and Scientifica Association, 

project organised within the 2019 France - Romania season