Partner institutes of the programme 

SISSA Internațional School for Advanced Studies

Elettra Sincotrone Trieste

ICTP Internațional Center for Theoretical Physics

ICGEB Internațional Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology 




FRIDAY OCTOBER 19, 2019 AT  18:00 PM


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On Saturday, October 19th, we invite you to the opening of the exhibition THE UNSEEN, an event in which Romanian artists will present their works results from the art meets science residence in Trieste, European City of Science 2020.


The exhibition ends the research program, residence and period production of the artists Ioana Trușcă (Bucharest), Lucian Indrei (Cluj-Napoca), Maria Băcilă (Vienna), Hybrid Lab | Eranio Petrușka and Ana-Bianca Tudorică (Cluj-Napoca).


The Unseen explores the constructivist approach to meaning-making, an active process by which people interpret and integrate their experiences and knowledge. The unseen is a way of accessing the understanding of the subtle and imperceptible things around us, offering possibilities for new perspectives and interpretations in both science and art.


Scientifica residences are the place where art meets science and the common experience of the participants results in a natural and common curiosity, a fundamental expression of our need to understand more, to see more than what is visible. The program offered support of cultural mobility, a context of interdisciplinary and intercultural dialogue between researchers, artists, local authorities and cultural operators from different environments and countries.

The Unseen exhibition presents the works and the new artistic expressive valences as in critical intervention, artistic or playful experimentation from the artists participating in this residence. 


We thank you all for applying!

Selected participants for the 2019 art+science residence are:

Hybrid Lab (Ana Tudorică + Eranio Petrușka)
Ioana Trușcă 
Lucian Indrei
Maria Băcilă

Scientifica launces the 2019 Art & Science Residence

Open Call: The Unseen

1-15 July, 2019

Trieste, Italy


Application deadline: May 15, 2019

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"The Unseen" residence provides a framework for artists to investigate the relationship between contemporary art and advanced scientific research, the intentions of the program being to build a bridge between the two cultures of knowledge, to encourage the development of the creative force shared by both disciplines and to explore new ways of reflection at the intersection between art and science.


Through the proposed activities, this project encourages both the enhancement of creativity innovation capacity by combining it with advanced research platforms, as well as the positioning of the artist as an interpreter of the scientific information, that can facilitate a new kind of dialogue between avant-garde technology and society.


The objective of the program is to support 4 creatives willing to experiment and create in a new context for two weeks, to provide them with the cultural know-how of the place and to coordinate them in the development of a concept showcase in Trieste and an exhibition in Cluj-Napoca. An international digital artist, part of the Invisible Cities residence, will join us throughout the first week programme.


Starting from investigation of the unseen phenomenas surrounding us, reflection and theoretical debate, participants in the project will attend tailored activities, meetings and site visits. During the two weeks, visits to the main local research centers will be facilitated, theoretical investigation discussions with researchers and meetings with local artists will take place. The artists are able to select their own method of artistic investigation and the resource they want to access (subject of research). 


The entire program is designed to support the creation of new ideas and concepts by providing unusual access to information. For this reason, we encourage applications that are flexible and do not necessarily have pre-formed artistic concept before the residence experience.


The Unseen 2019 call is dedicated to romanian creatives and/or international creatives based in Romania, for international mobility please apply through The Invisible Cities Call here



Art and science are both a response of the innate curiosity of humans to understand the phenomenas surrounding us. They offer a sense of connection with the complex processes that encompasses life and the environment for practitioners as well as for people who are receivers. Each proposes a different perspective of the world that complements each other, making the process of exploring the bidirectional relationship important for enhancing the quality of life. 


The creative theme: The Unseen explores the constructivist approach of meaning-making, an active process by which people interpret their experiences and knowledge and actively integrate them for a greater understanding of the world, both in a subjective and objective manner. The unseen represents a way of access to understanding the subtle and hard to grasp things surrounding us, offering the possibilities of new perspectives concerning phenomenas/problems that we stopped noticing.




The cultural project is organised by Scientifica in collaboration with Fondazione Internazionale Trieste as part of the international Pro-ESOF 2020 Framework (EuroScience Open Forum) and is co-funded by the National Cultural Fund Administration (AFCN). In/Visible Cities joins us this year, providing the grounds for international participation in the residence, while SciFabLab offers support in the concept ideation, a where manufacturing is needed.

Scientific institutions that play a key role globally in science research and that are included in our programme:


Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste


ICGEB Internațional Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology


SISSA Internațional School for Advanced Studies and Master în Science Communication (neuroscience, mathematics, physics)


ICTP Internațional Center of Theoretical Physics


INAF OATs Astronomical Observatory of Trieste







SCIENTIFICA invites 4 artists to join an art+science residence program, that will take place between 1 - 15 July in Trieste, Italy. 
Artists will have the opportunity to visit and meet scientists from main research institutes in Trieste and discover various fields of scientific knowledge.

The City of Trieste


Trieste is named the European City of Science between July 2018 - July 2020, being the perfect place for such explorations: it has the highest density of researchers per inhabitant, hosts excellent research institutes and is the home of the oldest Master in Scientific Communication in Europe.


Trieste is the place where the Bora wind blows, where you can explore intriguing caves and grottoes as renowned Grotta Gigante and you can wonder at the Miramare Castle and the Marine Reserve of Miramare.

Bonafata - The accommodation 


The Bonafata apartment is located in Barcola, Trieste, a quiet district with lots of greenery and the sea at 500 meters. The place will accommodate all the members of the project, artists and coordinator.



The area provides close access to the sea, the pine forest of Barcola "Pineta", extending it to Miramare Castle. Transportation in and out of Barcola can be made by car (provided by Scientifica), bus and taxi.

The Central Hub of the Residence


Sottostazione Elettrica from the Old Port of Trieste is an alternative space, rehabilitated and open to the public in 2018 as part museum, part working space. The building, built in 1913, is located near the Hydrodynamic Plant and was orifinaly designed to transform electricity.


The electrical equipment and the original furniture, are still visible, the space offering a new perspective on the preservation of scientific values ​​and their opening, in a modern form, to the contemporary audience.




In/visible Cities


This year, our collaboration will take the shape of a common residency (for one week, one international artist will be joining our team) and a public talk and showcase of portfolios that will take place during the In/visible Cities Festival (8 -14 July).


International artists that want to apply to our common residency should apply through the above link. The selected international artist commit himself to stay and work in Trieste (1-7 July 2019) and Gorizia (8-14 July 2019) during the entire residency.

ICTP Scientific FabLab


The Scientific Fabrication Laboratory is located at the Abdus Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) in Trieste, Italy, and was set up in 2014 to provide a space dedicated to creativity and research, as a Fablab / Makerspace, with a focus prototyping and fast manufacturing.


In this space, artists can access various modern manufacturing tools and techniques to make their artistic creations. ICTP Scientific FabLab is equipped with a set of flexible production equipment, including: a laser cutter, a variety of 3D printers and scanners, CNC machines, open technologies including micro-controllers and sensors, mini computers, etc.




Established in 1961, Trieste International Foundation for Progress and Freedom of Science (FIT) aims at promoting and encouraging the spread of scientific and technological culture in its peaceful applications.


It fosters research and cooperation among different scientific institutions, both national and international, and is the founder of the “Trieste System” which comprises the most representative scientific and research entities of the territory. FIT is in charge of the organisation of ESOF2020 and the coordination of the activities leading to 2020. 






Application period: 30 April - 15 May, 2019.

An international jury will select the participants. 

The list will be published on and social media on May 30th, 2019. 

Selected artists will be contacted.


Residency period: 1 - 15 July 2019

Artist talk, Gorizia: July, 13 2019

Artist talk, Trieste:  July, 14 2019 


Concept creation: July - October 2019

Final exhibition: October 2018, Cluj-Napoca





The participation grant includes:

  • Participation at the residence
  • International transport (120can be covered by us, extra costs will be supported by participants) 
  • Local transport (by car rental service)
  • Accommodation (2 persons/room)
  • Each selected artist will receive the gross amount of 4500RON ( including the fee and production)


What is not included:

  • Meals
  • Medical travel insurance is mandatory and will be covered by each participant at its own cost





The call for applications is addressed to visual artists and creative artists working in the creative industries, including video and sound design, new media, and performing arts. The primary language of this residence will be English, therefore fluency in English (understanding and speaking) is mandatory. To apply, please send an email to with the subject Application for Residency_ (full name), containing the motivation for the application, written in English. If you have any questions, we’re happy to answer them.


Please include in e-mail:


  • Portfolio containing work / research selection, images, texts, audio / video content, file mentioning _ (full name).
  • CV or bio


* Materials larger than 20MB will be sent via wetransfer or dropbox.


Organized by Scientifica

Co-financed by National Cultural Fund Administration

Partners: Fondazione Internazionale Trieste, SciFabLab, In/Visible Cities , Modernism




The project does not necessarily represent the position of the National Cultural Fund Administration. AFCN is not responsible for the content of the project or the way the project results can be used. These fall entirely under the responsibility of to the beneficiary of the funding.