Ioana Trușcă


Ioana Trușcă lives and works in Bucharest. She's an architect and illustrator - of comics, particularly. She graduates from ‘Ion Mincu’ University of Architecture in 2015, and is presently following a phd programme at the UAUIM Bucharest doctoral school.

In 2016 she illustrates Turb@. The city of Tîrgu-Jiu - her hometown, a playground for crazy rabbits, addicted to peat and lignite. A story about coal, drawn in charcoal.

In 2017 she illustrates Sofica - for PUCK. A story that starts in the town of Macin, passes through Stockholm, and ends up in Bucharest. All under the pretense of the coffee break - FIKA, in Swedish.

In 2018 she participates with "Scenarios for Living" at BETA, as part of the "On Housing" exhibition, of IDEILAGRAM.

"One Night Gallery love Ioana Trușcă" also takes place in 2018. An exhibition that creates interactive, enhanced artistic experiences, through technology (AR, VR).

Lucian Indrei


Lucian Indrei (b. 1983), lives and works in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.. His works usually revolves around and involves photography, however is not limited to this medium, including drawing, collage, installation and so on. The subject matter spirals from analyzing and representing personal relationships and events to various topics of interest: in what manner the production and distribution of images condition the perception of images, to what degree our culture is a mixture of fiction and truth (mostly fiction), and by what means images helped achieve that; how technology (and science) is conditioning the way we communicate and in which we perceive the world.
In the last years he was invited as a speaker at cultural events in Stockholm, Athens and Amsterdam, with a focus on the contemporary young art scene of Romania. In 2012 he co-founded the project space Lateral ArtSpace, and is part of the curatorial team.

Maria Băcilă



Maria is greatly concerned with semiotics and perception. She is interested in non-human identity politics and objecthood. Her research is focused on how we think the world, how we code and cipher it and how this can be sourced to unlock invisible futures. Furthermore, she interested in how can we change and alter the codes, ciphers and algorithms. It becomes more than data-play: it becomes system hacking.
She has a visual communication BA in Illustration and, starting with this year, she is part of the Art Science MA programme at Die Angewandte.
Her practice and skill set are fluid. She shapeshifts.

Hybrid Lab 

Eranio Petrușka || Ana-Bianca Tudorică


Hybrid Lab is a studio currently activating in Cluj-Napoca.
Its formation process started two years ago in Bucharest at the initiative

of the two founding members: Eranio Petrușka and Ana-Bianca Tudorică.

Passionate about theatre, both members started their studies in the art field with a Bachelor’s Degree in Acting, at the National University of Theatre and Cinema I.L. Caragiale from Bucharest, promotion of 2014.

Starting 2017 when the studio was founded, the collaborations in theatre regarding the production of video design and light design became the main activity to which other projects of new media were added step by step such as: installations, videomapping (indoor/outdoor), 3D modelling, animation, sound design. The modality in which the projects are developed tries to follow patterns as diverse as possible, in this way trying to not become serial producers of aesthetical works. That would be the main reason why adaptability and alternative approaches are the basic principles of the studio when delivering a project. Hybrid Lab’s purpose is to be part of the important factors of developing this innovative art sector called New Media.


Eranio Petrușka was accepted for a one year programme of directing at
Athanor Akademie from Passau, Germany. This was followed, starting with 2015, by a master in Digital Technology in Contemporary Performance at the University of Theatre and Cinema I.L. Caragiale in Bucharest. In the meantime, while studying, he became an apprentice at Aural Eye Studio from Bucharest where he advances and develops his skills and abilities and with which he still collaborates on various projects to this present day. In all this time he has also participated in various classes, projects and international exchanges with the purpose of constantly developing his learnings.


Ana-Bianca Tudorică until the moment of founding the studio (2017) has
activated in the performative arts field, becoming a collaborator for various
cultural institutions, mostly in Bucharest (Nottara Theatre, Comedy Theatre, National Opera Bucharest etc) as well as an acting and personal development instructor for children. At the same time, she also graduated an accredited cultural and project management course organised by the National Opera from Bucharest. All of the mentioned above have been followed by other courses, cultural projects as well as international exchanges in art domain. Starting 2018, she is studying for a master’s degree in Digital Interactive Arts at the Faculty of Theatre and Film from Babes Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca.